UPS error: ‘PostalCode and/or CountryCode input does not match those associated with the AccountNumber’

If you are getting this error message when adding your UPS account to Appath, this usually means that the address you have entered in Appath, doesn’t match the one listed in your UPS profile. Please note that the addresses need to be exactly the same, because sometimes even minor discrepancies like adding “Dr” instead of “Drive” can be problematic.

In order to avoid this issue, you will need to simply go and compare the 2 addresses. To find the address input in your UPS account, you will neeed to follow the below steps:

Go to UPS >> Check My UPS >> Maintain Your UPS Account >> Select account and click on “Continue” to view the address.

As soon as both of the above are exactly the same, if you continue getting this error message, you will need to go and check the pickup address on file. To do this,  simply go to Maintain Your UPS Account and then click on Continue. Here, you will need to make sure that this address matches the profile address in Appath. If it doesn’t, you will need to replace the current address in your Appath account with this one.