This section gives you a better picture on the tickets that are currently opened, who are they assigned to, what are their statuses, etc. You can also perform some bulk actions and edit several items at a time. Please find below, a description of all options available:

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 2.41.57 PM

Delete: once one or more tickets are selected, this will allow you to permanently remove them from your list.

Close: if the ticket is solved, you can simply close it by clicking on this button.

Assign to Agent: this will open up a list with all your agents, so that you can assign the case(s) to them.

Status: this will open up a drop-down with all available statuses that can be assigned to a Ticket. Depending on the situation, you have 6 options to choose from: Open, Pending, Resolved, Closed, Waiting on Customer, Waiting on Third Party.

Priority: this  allows you to set up the priority of a case. There are 4 options available: Low, Medium, High, Urgent

The above features are mainly created for bulk actions. However, opening up a ticket will give you the same features, and a bunch more to choose from.

For more info on how to create a Ticket, please read this article.