The quoted rate is different in Appath than at UPS / FedEx

If the quoted rate is different in Appath than at UPS / FedEx, this might be caused by several reasons:

a. The shipping details are different in the carrier’s site than the ones that are added to the order via Appath:

– the Ship To and Ship From addresses in Appath do not match the ones at the carrier’s site. To avoid this, you will need to make sure that all warehouses added to your Appath account have detailed info

– the address type is not accurately marked: commercial instead of residential. We always confirm the address type when we get the carrier’s rate. However, on UPS’s and FedEx’s sites, you need to manually insert the address type and if that is not accurate, they will invoice you the additional residential fee once the package is delivered

– shipment details (package type, dimensions, weight) are different in the carrier’s site than in your Appath account

b. Your UPS Negotiated Rates account is not yet fully sinced with your Appath account.

c. The pick up type for UPS differs in your Appath account from your UPS account:

  • Daily Pickup must be enabled for UPS Negotiated Rates. Also, if you signed up for UPS through eBay’s savings program, you get Daily Pickup rates
  • Occasional Pickup gives you Retail Rates.
  • Customer Counter will give you Retail Rates for your packages.​

Please note that both UPS & FedEx reserve the right to add additional fees to the shipment after the package has been delivered.