Sync your product inventory quantities for all Marketplaces/Stores

The “sync” option is available for each product variant in the Inventory section. This function is used to manually connect the product with your marketplaces/stores. For example, if an Order is received from Amazon for which there is currently no product in Appath, then that ordered product will be created in Appath automatically. If you would then like to connect your eBay listing with this same product, then you would use the “sync” function.

Let me first provide an overview on how Appath works with Marketplaces.  As you connect your Marketplace account in Appath, that store connection will begin importing your entire Orders history into Appath. The Orders will include all pertinent items for the transaction as Customer info, Shipping and Product details.

So you may have a Product listed in eBay; however if there have been no sales yet of that product at eBay, then the details of that Product are not received/sync in Appath.There are 2 ways currently to sync products in Appath:
the auto sync which will occur whenever the product is sold at each of your connected marketplaces/stores.
manually sync the products in Appath.
Steps to manually sync the Product you’ve identified not connected:

1) Go to Inventory


2) Click on the Name of the product you’d like to sync,

3) In the product details, scroll to the Product & variants section and click on ‘sync‘, at the far right,




4) To ‘sync’ your eBay listing, enter the eBay Item ID for that product in the UID field,


5) As soon as you’re finished, don’t forget to hit Save.

Side note: the UID is different for each Store.

  • For Amazon it consists of ASIN and customer specified SKU delimited by slash : ‘ASIN/SELLER_SKU’.
  • For Ebay, the UID is the product Item ID only, ie. ‘271636148159’