Setting up a Zebra thermal printer on Windows

If you are looking into installing your Zebra thermal printer (we’ll use the LP 2844) on a Windows computer, please check our step by step below (for a Mac, please check this forum post).

We have found the following driver to work best with the LP 2844 printer. Please download and install this driver.

Please do not connect the printer until the driver has been installed. Follow the instructions and make sure to choose the right driver for your printer.

After this has has been installed, you can go ahead and connect your printer. The computer will recognize it and automatically install the driver.

As soon as the driver has been successfully installed, go to your Devices and Printers section from the Start Menu (if you do not find it in the Start Menu, like in the below screenshot, simply go to Control Panel first),









Here, locate the printer that you just have installed, right click on it and choose Printing Preferences,














Next, on the Page Setup section, change the Stock (or thermal paper size) by clicking on the drop-down arrow and choose the 4×6 paper size,








Then, go to Grapchics and choose None.

Next, go to Options, uncheck the Use Current Printer Setting and increase the Darkness to 13.

Additionally, in the Speed Settings section, uncheck the Use Current Printer Setting option and click on the drop down menu to choose 2.00 in/sec.

That’s it. Make sure to click Apply and then OK when you’re finished.