Having isues printing documents from your Appath account

If you’re having issues printing documents from your Appath account, it is better to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to further assist you.

However, in the meantime, it is very important to remember that Appath is able to create PDF versions of shipping labels, packing slips and other kinds of documents. As long as you are able to download these PDFs, open them up in your computer’s PDF viewer and this way, you should be able to easily print your documents.

Getting the PDF version of a label can easily be accomplished, following similar steps to when you are actually printing it. For example, if you wish to print PDF labels via your Shipments page, please follow the below steps,

1. Go to Shipments,




2. Locate the order that you’re having issues printing the label for and click on the Order #. Next, go to Shipping (second tab at the top) and click on Create Labels,



3. Once the shipment has been validated and you’re able to click on Next, the next window will allow you to make any final adjustments to your order as well as print your shipping label. In order to Downdload a PDF file of the label, simply click on the small arrow next to the Create & Print Label button and this will open up a pop-up with a wide range of options, where the first one is Download PDF.









4. As soon as you click on Download PDF, the PDF file will usually end up in your Downloads folder, however you should track it to see where it goes. Next, open up the PDF file in your PDF viewer and then go to File and Print (within your PDF viewer). On the next window, make sure you have the correct printer and paper size and simply click on Print.

The steps above can easily be adapted in order to get a PDF version of any of your documents.

However, if your printer cannot properly print PDF files, that’s a sign that you are having printer issues that are not related to your Appath account. While we are happy to help you with any kind of printing issues, the best thing to do here is to simply contact your printer’s manufacturer and have them further investigate this.