Flagging eBay Global Shipping Program orders

A very useful program that allows domestic retailers to ship internationally, is eBay’s Global Shipping Program. If you wish to separate out these orders from the other ones so that you can better enhance your order processing, this can be done very easy via your Appath account.

Since all eBay orders come with a Reference Number, this will allow you to create automation rules and add flags to each orders so that you can better distinguish them, during your normal order processing.

First, you will need to go ahead and add a flag that will apply to all these orders. In order to do so, you will need to go Orders >> Flags >> Manage Flags.


Next, in order to add an automation rule that will select the specified orders, you will need to go to Settings (in the top right), and then click on Order Automation Rules in the left hand side:

Ord Autom

Then, go to New Rule, at the top:

New Rule

Next, give this new rule a name and then choose the second option at the bottom: ‘Only process this rule for orders that match a selected filter‘. Since you haven’t yet created a fileter for this, you will need to go ahead and click on New Filter,


Here, you will need to first give this filter a Name and then go to Criteria (second tab at the top) and add the 2 criterias needed for the eBay orders to be properly filtered:

  •  Store equals eBay
  •  Adress Line 1 contains Reference #


Once you click on Add an Order Filter at the bottom, you will automatically get redirected to the Order Automation Rule window and the new filter will automatically be selected from the drop-down. Next, you simply need to go to Actions (second tab at the top), click on Add an Action and choose the appropriate fields from the drop-down:


That’s it. Don’t forget to click on Add an Order Automation Rule at the bottom, when you’re done.