Edit order

Editing an order is very easy via your Appath account. Please check our step by step below, for more info:

1. Go to Orders,

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.09.27 PM

2. Click on the order you wish to alter, and a new pop-up window will come up. This section includes 6 different tabs that will allow you to change various details pertaining to this order:

a. Information: here, you will be able to change all details belonging to the buyer

b. Shipping: this tab allows you edit all shipping details. For more info, please check this article.

c. Items: here, you can add / remove any items from this order

d. Notes: this section will allow you to add internal notes, as well as notes to buyer. For more info, please go to this article.

e. Tickets: here, you can see all tickets that have been added as well as add new tickets. For further help with this, please check this step by step.

f. Activity: this will give you an overview of all the changes that were made to this order and by whom. The users as well as the date will be displayed next to each edit.