Difference between re-printing a shipment’s label and re-shipping an order

Re-printing a shipment’s label is for printing a copy of that same shipping label that you have already created. This will have the same tracking # and no fee for re-printing. This is great if you’ve lost a label.

In order to do this, simply navigate to Shipments, select the shipment that you would like to re-print this for, go to Print Labels at the top and then choose which option best suits you from the pop-up window,

Print Labels

Re-shipping an order requires creating an entirely new shipment, and thus a different tracking # and you’ll pay for the new label. This is useful if you need to re-ship to this customer.

To re-ship an order, you will need to go to Orders, find the shipped order you would like to re-ship (using either of the search options available) and select it. Next, click on Create Labels and follow the same steps as you would for a regular one,

Create Labels

Once you finish generating the new labels, you’ll notice that if you search for the order # in your Shipments screen, it will display as many times as you have shipped that order.