Creating gift packing slips

If you are looking into creating a Gift Packing Slip (where the prices are not displayed), this can be easily accomplished via your Appath account by following the steps below:

1. Go to Settings,




2. Click on Packing Slips,

Packing Slips











3. Next, you can either edit an existing template or create a new one. As soon as you open it up, go to Order Items Header, click on Source and remove the highlighted code below (basically, it’s the only line that has the word ‘Price’ in it):










Once the code is removed, if you click on Source again, this is how the Order Items Header section should look like:







As, you can see, there is no Price column anymore.

4. Next, we will need to remove the price for each of the items in the order. To do this, we need to go to Order Items, click on Source and remove the highlighted code, like in the below screenshot:











As soon as you remove it, simply click on Source again and this is how it should look like:







6. Next, we’ll need to remove the Total and all other taxes from the Order Footer. Since this means removing basically the whole content in the Footer section, I would advise you to add a new item to your footer, like the [notesToBuyer] or a [giftMessage].

In order to remove all prices from the Order Footer, same as before, we need to go to Source and here, we’ll need to remove everything (either highlight everything using your cursor, or hit both command / control and A at the same time and then delete).

Next, simply go to Order / Shipment (on the side), click on it to expand it and choose the paragraph you wish to add to the footer: either the [giftMessage], or [notesToBuyer], etc.

This is how the Order Footer should look like, once you’re finished: