Create SKUs for your eBay products

If you wish to add eBay products to your Appath account, that can be done very easy. To do this, you will need to add SKUs to your products via eBay.

Side note: you need to have Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro to access this feature in your eBay account (for more info about this, please check this article).

In order to add SKUs to your products, please follow the below steps:

1. Sign in to your eBay account and go to My eBay Page. Here, click on Active Listings and this should open up a section similar to the below screenshot:


Side note: if you cannot see Custom Label, you will need to click on Customize, at the top right of the page.




2. Check the Custom Label checkbox and this will add it to the list. You can then rearrange their order if you like. As soon as you’re finished, don’t forget to click on Apply,


3. Next, the “Custom Label” column should come up that will allow you to add the SKU for this product, when clicking on [Add],


Now, when your product will be purchased through eBay and imported into your Appath account, the Custom Label will then import as the Item SKU.