Postage Purchase History

If you wish to get a report of your postage purchase, there are 2 ways to do that: either via your Express1 / Endicia account, or via your Appath account. For more info on how to get a report via Appath, please click here. As a side note, please keep […]

FedEx drop-off types

FedEx comes with a couple of drop-off types. Please find out some more info about each, below: Regular Pickup – you already have an every-day pickup scheduled with a courier. Request Courier – you will call FedEx to ask for a courier. Drop Box – you will drop the package in […]

Shipping Carrier’s contact info

Please find below some helpful urls that will redirect you to either the Carrier’s support page, or their contact form: Support Page Call: 1-800-576-3279 Contact Form Customer Service Page Contact Number: 800-742-5877 Contact Us Page FAQs Page Customer Service Page US: Technical Support UK: Technical Support      

Reset Endicia’s passphrase

In case your Endicia account gets locked, you will need to follow the below steps in order to reset your passphrase: 1. Go to Settings, 2. Choose Shipping Carriers, 3. Next, click on Endicia and on the next window that comes up, go to Unlock Account: 4. Then, enter your email address and […]