USPS Cubic Rates

Please note that these rates were only available to very large shippers with a volume of over 250.000 Priority Mail packages per year. However, we are now able to offer this service at a much lower requirement (to check and see if this option is available for you, please find […]

Mutiple Scan forms for Express 1

In case you generate SCAN forms for Express 1 and you receive several forms, this is most likely caused by the fact that Appath has multiple servers that are linked to Express 1 meters. Therefore, while Appath will try to always use the same one for all your shipments, if […]

Schedule pickup via Appath

Unfortunately, scheduling pickups is not available within your Appath account. In order to schedule a pickup, you will need to simply go to the shipping carrier’s website and fill out their online form. Please find below the urls for each carrier’s online form: UPS: USPS:!input.action FedEx:

Express 1 setup

In order to add your existing Express 1 account via your Appath dashboard, you will need to follow a couple of simple steps: 1. Go to Settings, in the top right, 2. Click on Shipping Carriers, 3. Go to Add a Carrier, top right 4. Next, click on the Express 1 logo, from the Supported Carriers list. 5. A […]