Finding more about your shipment errors

Finding more about what exactly went wrong when processing your shipments is very easy using the warning signs in the Shipments section. If you get an exclamation mark or a dark circle next to a shipment, simply hover over it and a small pop-up window will come up and let you […]

Adding box dimensions via Appath

Since FedEx and UPS have already adopted dimensional pricing, including box dimensions is very important so that you get the most accurate pricings on your rate quotes. While most of the marketplaces are not sending over this information, it’s very easy to enter it on an order-by-order basis using the […]

Postage fees displaying on your USPS labels

Although Appath can allow you to hide the postage paid on your USPS labels (please read this article for more info on how to print a label without showing postage), if Carrier Insurance is added to a USPS shipment, the postage paid must be displayed on the label regardless of the […]

Printing extra postage in Appath

A package can sometimes be returned by the carrier, due to insufficient postage. This usually happens if your marketplace has incorrect weights associated with the products purchased by customers, which are then imported to your Appath account, or if an incorrect entry has been made in the weight section, on […]

Addresses format for US Territories

Please see below the list of all U.S. territories and their corresponding abbreviations: American Samoa (AS) Guam (GU) Northern Mariana Islands (MP) Puerto Rico (PR) U.S. Virgin Islands (VI) U.S. Minor Outlying Islands (UM): Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Navassa Island, Wake […]