Combine Customers

If you have people that buy from your store multiple times using different credentials, you can easily combine those records into one master account. In order to do so, you will need to first go to Customers, Then, choose two or multiple customer entries that you wish to merge into […]

Place an order on Hold

Placing an order on Hold is very helpful for various reasons: either you need more info from your customer, or you need more time to process it, etc. Please check the below tutorial in order to find out more about this feature: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Choose the order(s) that need to […]

Add a Manual Order

Adding a manual order is such an easy process within Appath. In order to do this, you will need to follow a couple of simple steps: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Go to New Order at the top: 3. Once clicked, the new pop-up window that comes up will allow you […]

Submit a Ticket

If you wish to submit a Ticket to one of your other users in regards to a specific order (to have them process it on a specific date, or further investigate an incident related to that order, etc.), you will need to follow the below steps: 1. Go to Orders, 2. […]

Combine orders

If you wish to combine 2 or more orders, you will need to follow a couple of very easy steps: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Choose 2 or more orders you would like to combine and then click on the Combine button at the top: Please note that you will […]

Split Orders

In case an order has been partially cancelled, or you need to ship only a part of it, you can simply split the order into multiple ones, using the Split feature. In order to do this, you will need to: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Next, select the order from your […]

Test Label

If you wish to see what a label looks like before getting charged (please note that you still need to have a balance in your account), you can simply create a Test Label. As a side note, you will only be able to create test lables for Endicia and Express 1, since […]

Remove order

Please note that you will not be able to completely remove an order. However, you will be able to cancel it and this will prevent your from seeing it in the queue. You can cancel orders both in your Appath account and your Shopping Cart / marketplace. Cancelling an order will only […]