Address verification

Please note that Appath automatically verifies addresses to make sure they’re valid. This way, each time you edit an address for one of your orders (simply by clicking on the order), you will automatically get a green check (in he bottom right section), if the address is valid:  

Setting the Ship Date

Please note that most carriers accept packages within a few days of the date on the label, however, this might not be accepted across all carriers. Therefore, we always advise  that you set the Ship Date to the day that you actually plan to ship the package. When you create a […]

Add a non-machinable stamp to an order

If you have orders that require a non-machinable stamp, this can be adjusted very easy via your Appath account. First, go to Orders, Then, click on the one you wish to adjust. On the new pop-up window, go to Shipping (the second tab at the top) and click on More Options (top right): […]

Search orders by their SKU or other details

Searching for specific orders by their SKU or other info is very easy. First go to Orders, Then, simply type the SKU / product title / etc.  in the search field (at the top right): And just hit Enter on your keyboard. This will filter all the orders and display only the ones that contain […]

Edit order

Editing an order is very easy via your Appath account. Please check our step by step below, for more info: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Click on the order you wish to alter, and a new pop-up window will come up. This section includes 6 different tabs that will allow […]

Add notes to an order

If you wish to add internal notes to a specific order, you will need to follow the below steps: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Then click on the order you wish to add notes to. In the pop-up window that comes up, go to Notes (at the top). Here, you […]

Export Orders

You can export your orders very easy via your Appath account. To do so, first go to Orders, Then, if you only wish to export specific orders you will need to simply select them, if not, simply go to Export, at the top right. This will open up a pop-up window that […]

Filter Orders

If you have too many orders and you just cannot find the ones you need, you can simply filter them, using either some default filters, or the ones you have previously created. If you wish to find out more about creating Order Filters, please read this tutorial. In order to filter […]


This section gives you a better picture on the tickets that are currently opened, who are they assigned to, what are their statuses, etc. You can also perform some bulk actions and edit several items at a time. Please find below, a description of all options available: Delete: once one or more tickets are […]