Amazon orders not receiving shipment notifications

According to Amazon’s Terms of Service, we cannot send shipment notifications for orders placed through Amazon. This is also the case for orders that are imported through other channels or any other orders that contain an email address ending in ‘’. These customers should still receive an email from Amazon, as soon […]

Creating gift packing slips

If you are looking into creating a Gift Packing Slip (where the prices are not displayed), this can be easily accomplished via your Appath account by following the steps below: 1. Go to Settings,     2. Click on Packing Slips,                     […]

Searchable fields

Please find below, a list of all items that can be easily searched using the Search boxes available (at the top right) in each section, as well as an example of the Advanced Search, available in each category:   Orders:  Order # Product title SKU Recipient name       Shipments: Tracking # […]

‘Bill duties and taxes to recipient’

Once customs officials determine the taxes and duties of an international shipment, the recipient will be contacted to pay any charges so that the shipment can continue to move towards its destination. If you wish to enable this feature for one of your shippings, you will simply need to go […]

Exporting data from orders

If you wish to export custom data from your orders, this can be accomplished simply by following the below steps: 1. Go to Orders, 2. Here, check the box next to the orders you wish to export custom info from and then go to the Export icon at the top right: 3. […]

Automatically numbering your orders

Appath allows you to automatically number your manual orders, as well as adding them in a sequence. To set this up, you will need to go to Settings (gears icon at the top right), then choose Stores from the left hand side, Next, click on the store you wish to […]

Changing shipment status

While working in Appath, you might have changed the shipment status of an order by mistake and wished to change it back. This can be accomplished following the below steps: 1. Locate the order and click on the Order #, 2. Next, on the window that comes up, go to the […]