Product categories

If you were wondering why the Categories section is there for (inside Inventory), please note that it’s mainly to help you better organize you products. If you wish to add a new category, simply use the Add Category button at the top: In order to assign a category to one of your products, […]

Delete product

If you no longer sell a specific product, you can easily delete it from your Inventory. However, if the product is out of stock or you wish to prevent people from seeing it temporarily, you can simply hide it. For more info on how to do that, please check this […]

Duplicate products

To save yourself the trouble of typing in all details each time you wish to add a product similar to what you already have in your Inventory, you can simply duplicate it. In order to do that, please check the step by step below: 1. Go to Inventory, 2. Click […]

Hide products

Hiding products is very useful in some instances, like if for example the product is out of stock, or you have seasonal products, etc. Hiding them from your shopping cart / marketplace is very easy: First, go to Inventory, Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look […]

Add Product

If you wish to add new products manually, you will need to follow the below instructions: 1. Go to Inventory, 2. Click on Add Product, and on the new pop-up window enter the Name of the product (mandatory) and its Description, 3. Once you click on Save & edit all […]


If you wish to better organize your products (add / edit / remove) and also arrange them under Categories, for a better product management, please use the Inventory section, at the top: Here, you will find 3 main sub-sections, pretty self explanatory: 1. Products  – where all your products are listed (for […]