Calculating the ‘Age’ on the ‘Orders View’ section

The Age column in your Appath account may be very useful when sorting out your orders for fulfillment. You can either sort them by ascending order (and display the newest), or by descending, should you need to view the oldest first.


This age represents a different value, depending on the order’s status. For more info, please find the list below, that further explains these differences:

  1. The age for: Awaiting Shipment = Paid Date and Time – Current Date and Time (for example, if the paid date is 02/18/2015  – 15 PM and the current time is 02/18/2015 – 20 PM, then the Order Age is 5hr)
  2. The age for: Shipped = Ship Date and Time – Date Paid and Time (for example, if an order imported with a paid date of 02/18/2015 – 15 PM and it was shipped 02/18/2015 – 18 PM, then the Order Age is 3hr)
  3. The age for: time of payment not provided = the order age cannot be accurately displayed. However, if you specify that an order has been paid today, the paid date will be interpreted as the start of the day (midnight)

In case you cannot see the Age column in your current Order View, this can be easily adjusted by going to the Columns button, at the top right and simply checking the box next to Age.