Postage fees displaying on your USPS labels

Although Appath can allow you to hide the postage paid on your USPS labels (please read this article for more info on how to print a label without showing postage), if Carrier Insurance is added to a USPS shipment, the postage paid must be displayed on the label regardless of the […]

Printing extra postage in Appath

A package can sometimes be returned by the carrier, due to insufficient postage. This usually happens if your marketplace has incorrect weights associated with the products purchased by customers, which are then imported to your Appath account, or if an incorrect entry has been made in the weight section, on […]

Creating gift packing slips

If you are looking into creating a Gift Packing Slip (where the prices are not displayed), this can be easily accomplished via your Appath account by following the steps below: 1. Go to Settings,     2. Click on Packing Slips,                     […]

Changing the default print settings on your Mac

If you wish to edit the default print settings for your printer on your Mac, you will need to edit the CUPS (Apple’s printing software) settings. This is somewhat more complicated than applying custom print settings to your printer, however, it will be required for services such as Google Cloud Print. First […]