Amazon orders not receiving shipment notifications

According to Amazon’s Terms of Service, we cannot send shipment notifications for orders placed through Amazon. This is also the case for orders that are imported through other channels or any other orders that contain an email address ending in ‘’. These customers should still receive an email from Amazon, as soon […]

Finding more about your shipment errors

Finding more about what exactly went wrong when processing your shipments is very easy using the warning signs in the Shipments section. If you get an exclamation mark or a dark circle next to a shipment, simply hover over it and a small pop-up window will come up and let you […]

Adding box dimensions via Appath

Since FedEx and UPS have already adopted dimensional pricing, including box dimensions is very important so that you get the most accurate pricings on your rate quotes. While most of the marketplaces are not sending over this information, it’s very easy to enter it on an order-by-order basis using the […]

USPS Cubic Rates

Please note that these rates were only available to very large shippers with a volume of over 250.000 Priority Mail packages per year. However, we are now able to offer this service at a much lower requirement (to check and see if this option is available for you, please find […]