Inventory quantity sync with Selling Channels

Appath provides the ability to keep all your products inventory quantity in sync; so as an item is sold on one store the inventory quantity will be updated for that product to all connected sales channels. There are 2 required items for the inventory quantity management feature: 1. Each Store […]

Connect a UK UPS account with Appath

* You will need information from a recent UPS invoice to connect your UPS account with Appath. Learn how to locate your UPS invoice information here. 1. To connect your UPS account, navigate to the Settings section in Appath (gear icon near the top right). 2. Click the Shipping Carriers tab on the left navigation panel. […]

Flag Orders with reference information

Order Flags are color coded references for you to easily identify specified meaningful information. Method to create and manage Order Flags 1. In the Orders section, click the Flags button above the table. 2. Enter the Flag Name and select the Color option, then click the + Add button to include this […]

Advanced Search Filters for Orders

The Order Filters allows you to organize the Orders section view based on your specific search criteria. There are two methods to customize the Orders section view. Method option 1: Filter button 1. In the Orders section, click the Filter button next to the current filter view Name. 2. Input the […]

Cancel an Order in Appath

Cancelling an Order in Appath will not change the order status at the associated Selling Channel. The Selling Channel will always be the order status holder, so cancelling an order at the Selling Channel will be updated in Appath. 1. At the Orders section in Appath, select to check the box of […]

The postage Rate Comparison tool

The rate calculator comparison tool enables to you identify the best shipping option by providing the rates and services of each connected carrier. 1. At the Orders section in Appath, navigate to the More Options button above the table and click the Rate Calculator option. 2. Enter the corresponding details of your shipment, […]

Split an Order to ship items seperately

Orders can be partially shipped for transactions in which you may need to send separate shipments for each product. 1. At the Orders section in Appath, select to check the box for the order that you would like to split into multiple orders. 2. Navigate to the More Actions button above the table, […]