Void Shipped Orders

Voiding a shipped order will update the order in Appath from Shipped status back to Awaiting Shipping status; the order status at your selling channel does not change. Voiding a created shipping label submits the item to the associated Carrier for credit of the postage fees. If the order was […]

Multi-warehousing Overview

Multi-warehousing enables you to manage product inventory stock at different fulfillment centers. Each product will present the quantity of all warehouses, along with a specific warehouse assigned for order fulfillments. To activate the multi-warehouse feature in Appath: (At least one warehouse needs to be created) 1. Navigate to the account Settings section (gear icon […]

Bundle / Kitting Overview

Bundling inventory products is a dynamic feature for managing variety of common items with component units. A bundle, or kit, is a group of items which are sold individuals as a unit, or offered as a combined product. For example, you may sell a dining table as a combined product […]

Dropshipping Management

Appath provides the functionality you need to manage orders that are fulfilled by your dropshippers. Appath can automate the dropshipping submission so as a particular product is ordered, the system will email the order packing slip to the assigned vendor. To automate dropshipping orders: 1. Assign a Vendor to any […]

Low-Stock Thresholds

Low-stock thresholds are crucial to ensure you are aware of depleting stock and can plan to replenish. Appath will send an email notification and update the notification icon when any of your low-stock thresholds are met. Setting a default low-stock threshold for all your inventory products: 1. Navigate to the […]

Purchase Orders Overview

Purchase Orders are a principle feature to plan supplier purchases, track stock receipts, and record keeping of accounts. Purchase orders have 2 essential steps in Appath, creating a purchase order and receiving the purchase order. To create a Purchase Order: 1. Navigate to the Inventory products section 2. Click the […]

Bind Channel listings to Appath Inventory

Your connected selling channel product listing are auto imported in Appath at the Channel Items section (Inventory > Products > Channel Items). Each stores item listings can be viewed by selecting the corresponding store name in the dropdown button. The Channel SKU column and Name column are the product item […]

Enable Store inventory quantity sync

Each Store you’d like to manage stock count from Appath would need to have the setting enabled and products Binded.  To enable the inventory quantity sync for each store: 1. Navigate to the Settings section in Appath (gear icon near the top right). 2. Select the Selling Channels tab on the […]

Selling Channels Inventory Import in Appath

After you connect each selling channel in Appath, that stores item listings will begin importing in the Channel Items section (Inventory > Products > Channel Items), depending on the number of products this can take up to 24 hours to complete. The first selling channel you connect should be the […]