Selling Channels Inventory Import in Appath

After you connect each selling channel in Appath, that stores item listings will begin importing in the Channel Items section (Inventory > Products > Channel Items), depending on the number of products this can take up to 24 hours to complete.

The first selling channel you connect should be the store with your entire catalog of products. Appath will assign this channel as your Primary Store and use that stores item listings to auto build your inventory products.

Each secondary store you connect in Appath will the have items listings attempt to match the Primary Store inventory products by either SKU or Title. When an item listing matches the Primary Store inventory SKU or Title, then that product is Binded and can be enabled for inventory quantity sync.

If any of the stores item listings do not match the Primary Store inventory products, then you would need to manually Bind the items for inventory quantity sync availability.

* If you add new product listings to any of your selling channels, then will need to import them in Appath:
1. Navigate to the Channel Items section (Inventory > Products > Channel Items)
2. Select the store name in the dropdown button of channel which you’ve added new product listings
3. Click the Import Inventory button

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