Low-Stock Thresholds

Low-stock thresholds are crucial to ensure you are aware of depleting stock and can plan to replenish. Appath will send an email notification and update the notification icon when any of your low-stock thresholds are met.

Setting a default low-stock threshold for all your inventory products:
1. Navigate to the Settings section (gear icon near the top right)
2. Click the Inventory Settings tab on the left navigation panel
3. Enter a value in the field for Low stock alert of any product reaching inventory quantity
4. Click the Save button

Setting a low-stock threshold for individual inventory products:
1. Navigate to the Inventory products section
2. Click a product Name to open the details view
3. Enter a value in the Low Stock Threshold field (if the product has Variants, then click on the variant Title or SKU for the details view with Low Stock Threshold field)
4. Click the Save button near the top right or bottom right

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