Import new Orders in Appath with a CSV file

New Orders can be created in Appath by importing a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

1. At the Orders section in Appath, navigate to the More Actions button above the table then select the Import option.


2. Click the File to Import button to select your CSV document with the new orders, then select from the Import to option to assign these orders to a Selling Channel in Appath. Click the Next button when completed.


4. Map the column headers of your CSV file to match the corresponding options in Appath.


5. Enter a Name to Save the settings of these selected mapping for future Order imports, then click the Next button.

6. The system will now begin to process the Orders import. Click the Finish button and your New Orders will soon be listed in the Awaiting Shipping status at the Orders section.


* If the new orders are not automatically listed in the Orders section, click the Refresh button if it shows a number next to it.


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