Flag Orders with reference information

Order Flags are color coded references for you to easily identify specified meaningful information.

Method to create and manage Order Flags

1. In the Orders section, click the Flags button above the table.

2. Enter the Flag Name and select the Color option, then click the + Add button to include this flag.


3. Click the Update Flags button after you’ve completed managing your flags.

Method 1 to assign Flags to Orders

1. At the Orders section in Appath, select to check the box of the orders that you’d like to assign flags. Then click the Flags button above the table.


2. Select to check the box of the flags to be assigned, then click the Update Orders Flags button.

Method 2 to assign Flags to Orders

1. Navigate to the Orders section in Appath, then go to the order details view of an Order (click on the Order Number in the table to open the order details view).

2. In the Order Totals section, click the down-arrow to view Flags options and select to check the box of the flags to be assigned. Then click the down-arrow to save the assigned flags.


* Flags option will not be shown in Order Totals section if you do not have any Flags created in Appath.

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