Inventory quantity sync with Selling Channels

Appath provides the ability to keep all your products inventory quantity in sync; so as an item is sold on one store the inventory quantity will be updated for that product to all connected sales channels.

There are 2 required items for the inventory quantity management feature:
1. Each Store to be enabled for inventory sync in Appath
2. The selling channels item listings are Binded in Appath

Inventory will update to each selling channel if you change the product quantity in Appath, product is sold on the store, or with a received Purchase Order.

Changing the product inventory quantity in Appath to update selling channels:
1. Navigate to the Inventory products section in Appath
2. Click a product Name to open the details view
3. Edit the Total Qty field value (if the product has Variants, then click on the variant Title or SKU for the details view with Total Qty field)
4. Click the Save button near the top right or bottom right

Within a few minutes each Binded selling channel item will receive the updated inventory quantity.

Products sold on the store will update inventory quantity:
As a product is sold at one of your selling channels, the order is received within a few minutes and the inventory is deducted in Appath. Appath then updates the quantity within a few minutes to all of your other selling channels with that same Binded product.

The ordered item(s) will be counted in the Committed Qty field until the order is Shipped or if Cancelled. After you ship the order, then Committed Qty field value of that order will be removed.

Appath calculates the Available Qty by taking the Total Qty minus the Committed Qty. So if you have a total qty of 9 units and a committed qty of 2 units, then the available qty will be 7 units.

Receiving Purchase Orders add quantity to inventory:
Marking a purchase order as received means you have increased the stock of that product and the Appath inventory will be updated. Appath then updates that quantity within a few minutes to all of your Binded product selling channels.

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