Dropshipping Management

Appath provides the functionality you need to manage orders that are fulfilled by your dropshippers.

Appath can automate the dropshipping submission so as a particular product is ordered, the system will email the order packing slip to the assigned vendor.

To automate dropshipping orders:
1. Assign a Vendor to any product that may be dropshipped
2. Create an Automation Rule with the Action to ‘Send a Dropship Email’

As an order is received of the filtered product(s), Appath will automatically send an email with the packing slip to the assigned Vendor.

If your dropshipper generate labels outside of Appath and sends you a CSV file with the order tracking numbers, you can easily import and update the orders in Appath.

To manually submit dropshipping orders:
1. At the Orders section in Appath, select an order (or multiple orders) that you’d like to dropship
2. Navigate to the More Actions button above the table, then select the Email Dropshipment option
3. Click the Email Dropshippers button

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