Connect your Shopify store with Appath

1. Navigate to the Settings section in Appath (gear icon near the top right).


2. Click the Selling Channels tab on the left navigation panel.


3. Select the Add a New Store button.


4. Select Shopify from the list of available integrations.

5. Click the Navigate to Shopify button.

6. Upon being redirected to Shopify, enter the details to sign in to your Shopify store, then click the Log in button.

7. Select to install the Appath app (may take up to a few minutes to install).

8. Upon being redirected back to your Appath account, configure the preferred settings for your Shopify store in Appath. When completed, click the Add Store button.

* Orders and Products may take up to 24 hours to be fully imported in Appath.

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