Connect your FedEx account with Appath

* You will need to your FedEx Account Number and FedEx Meter Number to connect your FedEx account with Appath.

If you need to locate your FedEx Account Number, follow the instructions at:

If you do not have a FedEx Meter Number, follow the instructions at:

1. To connect your FedEx account, navigate to the Settings section in Appath (gear icon near the top right).


2. Click the Shipping Carriers tab on the left navigation panel.


3. Select the Add a Carrier button (near top right of page).


4. Select FedEx from the list of available integrations.


5. Type in your FedEx Account Number and FedEx Meter Number in the corresponding fields.


6. Select the Add a Carrier button to complete the connection for your FedEx account in Appath.

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