Change and Save an alternate Shipping Address of a Selling Channel Order

The Order info will need to be Locked if you need Edit the customer shipping address received from a selling channel; otherwise the changes may be overwritten during the order sync process.

1. Navigate to the Orders section in Appath, then go to the order details view of an Order (click on the Order Number in the table to open the order details view).

2. In the Order Info section, click the Edit link in the top right of the section box.


3. Complete the edits needed then click on the Save button.


4. Click on the Lock icon button located in the top right of the Order details view (the Lock icon should then be in a closed position).
Appath will now continue to override this Customer info from the selling channel.
* Click the Lock icon button to unlock and allow the selling channel to change the Customer info in Appath.



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