Bundle / Kitting Overview

Bundling inventory products is a dynamic feature for managing variety of common items with component units.

A bundle, or kit, is a group of items which are sold individuals as a unit, or offered as a combined product. For example, you may sell a dining table as a combined product including the components of a table top and four legs, as well as offer for sale the table top individually and each leg.

For inventory management purposes, product bundle can be setup so that as the dining table is sold then your inventory quantity would reduce one table top item and four leg items.

To create a product bundle:
1. Navigate to the Inventory products section in Appath
2. Click a product Name to open the details view
3. In the Product Bundle section, select This Product is a bundle
4. In the Select Variants search field choose the product components to include in the bundle
5. Enter the quantity of each component in the bundle at the QTY in Bundle field
6. Click the Save button near the top right or bottom right

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