Add shipment tracking information to Orders

Orders which have been shipped outside of Appath can have the tracking information entered manually, with the Order then updated to the Shipped status.

1. At the Orders section in Appath, select to check the box for the orders that you’d like to enter the shipment tracking information.


2. Navigate to the More Actions button above the table, then select the Update as Shipped option.


3. Enter the shipment details for each of the orders and choose to select whether or not to Notify Customer and/or Notify Marketplace with the shipment information.
* The Notify Customer option is not allowed by some channels, Amazon and Rakuten, so that option is unavailable for those orders.


4. As completed, click the Mark as Shipped button.

These orders will now have the entered shipment information associated with the orders, the status in Appath changed to Shipped, as well as the details sent to the Customer and/or Selling Channel if selected.

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