Apply custom print settings for your label printer on your Mac

If you wish to apply custom print settings for your label printer on your Mac, you should go ahead and create a Print Preset. In order to do so, make sure first, that your label printer is connected to your mac and then simply follow the instructions below:

1. Open up Safari, go to File and then click on Print…,









2. You should now see a Print window display. If you see a window such as the following, click the Show Details button on the lower-left side of the window,









3. Next, click on the Safari drop-down and choose Printer Features,





4. Now, you should see 2 new drop-down menus available: Resolution and Media Type. Our suggestion here, would be to leave the resolution at ‘203dpi‘ and adjust the media type to ‘Direct Thermal Media

5. Once the above are configured, please click on the Feature Sets drop down menu where it says ‘General’, and choose Printer Settings. Next, 2 new drop downs should become available: Darkness and Print Rate. Our suggestion would be to set the darkness to ‘25‘ and the print rate to ‘2 inches/sec‘.

6. Now, we only need to save the preset. At the top of the Print window, click the Presets drop down menu, and choose Save Current Settings as Preset instead of  Default Settings,





7. Next, simply give this preset a name and also make sure to click the radio button next to Only this printer so that the custom print settings only apply to your thermal label printer. The only thing left to do, in order to make sure it saves properly is to click on Print in the lower left side.